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Libertyville MRI

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Libertyville MRI

The ultra-wide bore of this MRI system is designed for patient comfort and pristine image quality.  The Oval combines the fast, exceptionally high-resolution images of a High-Field MRI system with a spacious, calm environment for exceptional patient comfort. With the Oval, IBJI had patients of all sizes and claustrophobia levels in mind when combining a relaxed patient experience with imaging excellence.

Libertyville MRI
716 Florsheim Drive
Libertyville, IL 60048

Main: (847) 362-4483  |  Fax: (847) 362-4920

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Main: (847) 362-4483

Fax:  (847) 362-4920

Centralized Scheduling: (8550 425-4674

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Libertyville MRI
716 Florsheim Drive
Libertyville, IL 60048

Main: (847) 362-4483

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