Pediatric Elbow Fractures

Children most often experience elbow fractures when they fall on their outstretched arm. This injury may cause hand numbness and severe elbow pain.

Making a Diagnosis

Your pediatric orthopedic doctor will look at your child’s arm for signs of damage to their nerves and blood vessels. They will also order an X-ray to confirm their findings and determine the severity of displacement and type of elbow fracture.

Treatment Options


If there is little or no displacement, your doctor may recommend immobilizing your child’s arm using a cast for three to five weeks. You will also need to bring your child in for regular X-rays to monitor the healing process and confirm that their bones are properly aligned.


If your child’s elbow fracture caused their bones to move out of alignment, your doctor may recommend elbow surgery. This procedure is done to bring the bones in correct alignment. In some cases, this may involve using metal pins, screws, and wires to hold the bones in place. After the surgery, your child will have to wear a cast for a few weeks during the healing process, followed by doing exercises that will help improve their range of motion.

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