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//Elisa Delgadillo, PTA

Elisa Delgadillo, PTA

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Elisa Delgadillo, PTA

  • Physical Therapist Assistant

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Elisa Delgadillo, PTA, is a former rehab technician who has joined the rehab staff at Lincolnwood as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Elisa’s first introduction to physical therapy was as a patient following a knee injury. Working with her therapist and experiencing the benefits of  skilled rehab sparked in interest that guided Elisa to her chosen profession.

Elisa is committed to working together with physicians and other healthcare professionals to maximize a patient’s recovery and experience of physical therapy.  She believes that investing time in patient education is essential for the rehabilitation process. Elisa believes that patient outcomes are best when they take an active role in their recovery.  Elisa is a member of IBJI’s foot and ankle focus group.  as well as a member of the American Physical Therapist Association which provides the latest evidence based practice treatment approach to a variety of diagnoses. 

In her free time, Elisa enjoys connecting with loved ones, serving her community through different capacities, dancing and being outdoors.


Associates of Applied Science

Physical Therapist Assistant

Oakton Community College


  • NIH Stroke Certified, 2017

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