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//Rachel Dunn, PT, DPT

Rachel Dunn, PT, DPT

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Rachel Dunn, PT, DPT

  • Physical Therapist

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Rachel Dunn, PT, DPT graduated from Northwestern’s Physical Therapy program in 2000, and has been practicing in outpatient orthopedics since 2001. Rachel has been part of Illinois Bone and Joint since 2003, and she is proud to be part of a rehab team who works closely with physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and athletic trainers to provide the most effective and comprehensive patient care. In the past 10 years, Rachel developed a passion for treating foot and ankle problems. As an active member of the Foot/Ankle special interest group, she has been involved in educating other clinicians about the evaluation and treatment of foot/ankle dysfunctions, and has recently teamed up with other therapists to develop a “Return to Running” physical therapy protocol. Rachel has also participated in IBJI Running Clinics, analyzing runner’s mechanics and providing tools for injury prevention. Rachel incorporates gait/running analysis, fabricating orthotics, and educating patients on shoe wear in her patient care. Outside the clinic, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also values the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and regularly runs, and partakes in yoga and barre classes.


Bachelor of Science

Lehigh University

Molecular Biology

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Northwestern University

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