Isaac Friedman, PA-C

Isaac Friedman, PA-C
  • Physician Assistant
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Isaac Friedman received his master's degree in physician assistant studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and he has been in clinical practice since 2021. Before moving to Chicago, Isaac spent two years working in Austin, Texas, where he had the opportunity to train under the highly qualified physicians and surgeons of Texas Orthopedics, a division of OrthoLoneStar, the largest independent orthopedic practice in Texas. His comprehensive training prepared him to manage a broad range of conditions with a variety of treatment options. 

As a physician assistant, Isaac works closely with the doctor to diagnose and treat patients. His approach is a conservative one, often opting to initiate treatment with less invasive options such as rehabilitation, medications, or small in-office procedures. For complex conditions, Isaac is trained to assist surgeons in the operating room. Isaac advocates a patient-centered approach, wherein the patient’s role lies firmly at the hub of the decision-making process. During every visit, Isaac seeks to provide all the knowledge and tools necessary for the patient to make the best informed decision regarding their own care. 

Isaac lives on the north side of Chicago with his wife. In his spare time, he enjoys weightlifting, rock climbing, tennis, and playing guitar.


Bachelor of Arts

University of Pittsburgh - Urban Studies

Master of Science

University of Pittsburgh - Physician Assistant Studies

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