Priya Nair, PT

Priya Nair, PT
  • Physical Therapist
Appointment Line: 224-512-9800

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Priya is a physical therapist with over 18 years of work experience, both internationally and in the Chicagoland area. She was born and raised in Dubai. Her inspiration for pursuing physical therapy came from observing her grandmother's rehabilitation following a hip injury, which helped her determine her career path. 

She graduated from the PT program at the University of Mangalore in India. Priya has experience working with various musculoskeletal disorders, pediatrics, and women's health patients. She strongly believes in a patient-centric holistic approach, combining physical therapy with recommendations for good mechanics to promote overall well-being. 

Priya is married, has one daughter, and enjoys music, traveling, and exploring different cuisines as a foodie.


Bachelor of Science

Laxmi Memorial College of Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy

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