Story Submission FAQ

Story Submission FAQ

I'm unable to upload a photo along with my submission. What can I do?

If you are unable to upload a photo to the My Story page, please email with the subject line “My Story” so we can upload and match your photo to the appropriate story.

How soon will my story go up on the IBJI web site?

Upon submission, your story will be approved for posting within 3 business days. In the event it cannot be approved, a member of our team will reach out to you.

Do you provide the opportunity to save my submission progress as a draft?

At the moment, we are not requiring patients to create an account or login information. This means that we encourage those who would like to submit their story to do so in their first attempt. You are welcome to draft it on a separate document and cut and paste your finished work into the submission form.

How old do you have to be to submit a story?

If a patient is 18 years of age or under and would like his/her story to be submitted, a parent or legal guardian should submit his/her story on his/her behalf.

Can a close friend or family member share my story on my behalf?

Yes, with your approval, a representative can submit your story on your behalf.

What's the best form of contact if I have more questions?

What’s the best form of contact if I have more questions?

What if I want to make changes after my story is live?

Whether it is editing your story or adding more photos and/or videos, the IBJI marketing team at with your changes and we will be happy to assist.

How do I share my story with others?

As soon as your story goes live on the IBJI website, we will send you an email notification, which will contain shareable links via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Social media sharing options are also available on your story page.

Will my story expire or be deleted at any time?

Your story has no expiration date and will live for many generations of patients to see. Also, we will continue to collect and post stories to the IBJI site as they come along for all to see.

How many photos can I submit?

Patients can submit multiple photos. Once submitted, your photos will be reviewed by the IBJI marketing team and posted live.

I don't see my condition or treatment listed- what do I do?

If you don’t see your condition or treatment listed, please email and our team will work with you to match the appropriate term and category.

How long does my story have to be?

Stories must be at least a paragraph long (4-5 sentences) to be featured on the corresponding doctor's profile page under the "Patient Feedback" tab. If you would like to be featured on the Patient Stories page, we encourage you to write a longer story (3 or more paragraphs). Of course, you are more than welcome to share as much as you would like.

Any further questions please email

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