Recently, IBJI’s Dr. Mark Mikhael participated in a question and answer session with Becker’s Spine Review for it’s weekly feature, Ask Spine Surgeons. Dr. Mikhael was asked about key trends in pain management he highlighted several, including an enhanced recovery after surgery program and patient “treatment agreements.” Here’s what Dr. Mikhael had to say about the latter:

…Patient “treatment agreements” are being used by pain management physicians, facilitating patients to enter into a mutual understanding that their treatment program will be under the direction of a particular pain management physician. This physician will control the prescribing of all types of medications related to pain management in the preop, periop and postop setting. These agreements help patients understand who to turn to for all pain-related needs while trying to minimize drug-seeking behaviors and overprescribing. In the event of tolerance or addiction, a detoxification and weaning program also can be initiated by the same pain management specialists.

To read more of Dr. Mikhael’s commentary and article, visit Becker’s Spine.

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