For some time I have experienced arthritic type pain in my left knee. Because of my age (83) I really did want to have it replaced and thus asked Dr. Bryan Waxman what he could do for me. He has been giving me shots in the knee on a 3-4 times per year basis for about 3 years with mixed results. I finally decided it was not working. About three weeks ago I awoke one morning with more severe pain in the knee than I had previously experienced. I had no idea what was going on. I considered going to a [different] walk in facility because I needed immediate help. I took a flyer and called Dr. Waxman's office and was able to get in that day. I walked into his office with a cane and much pain. He felt my knee and noticed a lot of fluid inside. He also mentioned that they had a new type of shot that they thought might be superior to what I had been give previously. He then took quite a bit of fluid from the knee and inserted the needle. Long story short. After walking into his office with a cane, on a Wednesday afternoon, I was able to play 18 holes of golf on the following Friday morning. I have had no pain since and my knee feels great. At a follow up call the following week, Dr. Waxman said just call me again if the pain ever recurs. I am so glad I called him and he was available to see me. Just to let you know it is not a perfect world. The shot did nothing to improve my already lousy golf game.

Bryan Waxman, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating disorders of the foot, ankle and knee, including sports injuries, trauma and the various forms of arthritis.

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