Have you ever had pain under your kneecap? Does your knee get sore during long drives or ache when you try to do physical activities? It could be a case of patellar tendonitis also called jumper’s knee. Patellar tendonitis occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed and irritated and it usually caused as a result of a sport that requires frequent jumping like basketball or volleyball. In this article will talk about some of the common symptoms and best treatments for the injury.

Common Symptoms of Patellar Tendonitis

In the early stages of patella tendonitis you may just feel slight discomfort after a physical activity like running or playing racquetball. Typically, there is no pain during the activity, but a couple hours later or even days later you may start to feel some aching directly underneath the knee.

As the tendonitis progresses, the pain will increase from only occurring after physical activity to slight to moderate pain during the activity. In this second phase you are still able to conduct your activity, but with some discomfort. Sometimes warming up and stretching will help relieve some of the pain in this phase, but once you have cooled down or sat for a while the aching will make it difficult to resume activity.

When tendonitis has progressed to its worst stage it will prevent you from running or jumping all together. This is where most people decide to see a physician but if you feel pain in your knee area it is important to see an orthopedic specialist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan before you progress to an advanced stage of the injury.

Patellar Tendonitis Treatment Options

Treatment for patellar tendonitis can range from medication to surgical procedures in the most severe cases, but for most people anti-inflammatory medications, therapy or ice and rest will be enough to reduce the inflammation and irritation.

Anti- inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen is very common treatment for tendonitis and used to reduce the swelling and pain. This is typically the first line of defense and treatment for the injury. Anti- inflammatory often works well with rest and ice as well.

Sometimes the pain in the knee can cause the surrounding leg muscles to weaken. Physical therapy is an option and often utilized by athletes to get back on the court quicker. The physical therapist will utilize certain exercises to strengthen the appropriate muscles and support the patella.

One of the best treatment options for patella tendonitis is to rest and ice your knee. The ice will help reduce the inflammation and the rest will keep you from aggravating the injury. Sometimes with enough rest and ice you can see dramatic improvement in the condition of the knee.

Patella tendonitis is a common sports injury and a combination of rest, ice and ant-inflammatory medication may be all you need to get back to your normal levels of activity. In some cases it’s best that you see an orthopedic specialist who will diagnosis and help you make the best decisions for your recovery. If you are having pain in your knee visit one of IBJI’s orthopedic physicians for quality care in the Chicagoland area.

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