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Sports Medicine

The IBJI sports medicine team helps athletes of all ages and skill levels improve their overall wellness, fitness, and performance. Our sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers take a team approach to provide you with advanced services and treatments for sports-related injuries.

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Why Choose IBJI for Sports Medicine Care

IBJI’s multidisciplinary team of highly-trained and experienced sports medicine providers will work with you to meet your individual needs and help you achieve your goals. Our experts work closely together to ensure you have the best outcome, with cutting-edge treatments and personalized training programs for the body and mind.

Orthopedic Surgeons

IBJI’s sports medicine team includes experienced orthopedic surgeons specializing in the latest, most innovative technologies and minimally-invasive techniques for repairing musculoskeletal injuries.

Primary Care Physicians

IBJI’s primary care physicians provide non-operative orthopedic care for sports injuries. Services provided by these physicians include diagnostic imaging, ultrasound-guided injections, and regenerative therapeutic modalities.

Sports Neurologists

IBJI’s sports neurologists are specially-trained in diagnosing and managing neurological conditions in athletes, including concussions and brain conditions.

Pediatric Sports Medicine Doctors

IBJI has helped thousands of young athletes get back to peak performance after a sports injury or ailment. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and personalized treatment plan that keeps your child going strong long after recovering.

Physical Therapists

IBJI’s physical therapists use customized therapeutic techniques to help sports medicine patients improve function, regain strength, and relieve pain after a sports-related injury, accident, or surgery.

Certified Athletic Trainers

IBJI’s certified athletic trainers partner with physicians to provide direct input on an athlete’s care plan. They collaborate with doctors in our clinics and on the field to provide preventative services, urgent care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation.

Performance Trainers

IBJI’s sports medicine performance trainers help athletes return to their sport at the highest level possible after an injury. They’ll get you safely back to performing advanced athletic moves like sprinting, cutting, jumping, and pitching.

Injury Prevention Experts

IBJI’s Return to Sport Phase IV Injury Prevention Program provides valuable resources for better play and greater physical confidence. The program offers advanced rehabilitation for hip, knee, or ankle injuries and helps athletes reduce their risk of re-injury.

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