Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a concentration of the medical field that specializes in physical activity and sport related injury. This branch of medicine allows an ailing athlete to return to play as soon as possible through comprehensive care, training and rehabilitation. Sports medicine services are available to all professional, high school, and recreational athletes alike; no one is exempt. An athlete can expect to be treated by anyone from a clinical team.

Most clinics are comprised of physicians, physical therapists, assistants and certified athletic trainers so the individual can receive the necessary attention needed to treat their condition. IBJI understands an athlete’s anxiousness to get back to the field, but taking one step at a time during rehab, at a reasonable pace, is a much safer option than returning too quickly and risking repeated injury. Trust IBJI with your sports medicine needs and contact us today for sports care supervision; our guidance will make you a smarter and safer athlete.

Why Choose Sports Medicine Services at IBJI

The Illinois Bone and Joint Institute wants to improve your overall athletic performance and safety. We provide a combination of therapy programs for an injured athlete, which include medication assistance, surgery and rehabilitation strategies. Common sport injuries that IBJI specialists can treat include various types of: fractures, sprains, strains, tears (ACL & PCL), concussions, tendonitis, and dislocations. Sports medicine physicians at IBJI work closely with orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and coaches to ensure all parties are on the same page of player safety. IBJI also provides cutting edge training programs for the body and mind. The post-injury Phase IV Injury Prevention program and our Sports Performance Training services provide invaluable knowledge and experience towards better play and physical confidence. IBJI’s one of a kind programs provide superior care and learning opportunities to grow and become a better, healthier and smarter athlete.

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