Thomas Gleason, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon with Fellowship Training in Adult Spine Surgery

Phone: 847-375-3000

Board Certifications
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Certificate in Evaluation of Disability and Impairment Ratings

Practice Locations

Affiliated Hospitals

  • Advocate Condell Medical Center
  • Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
  • Ascension Alexian Brothers
  • Ascension Resurrection Hospital
  • Presence Saint Francis Hospital
  • Presence Saint Joseph Hospital
  • Skokie Hospital - NorthShore University Health System

Areas of Expertise

  • Back, Neck & Spine
  • General Orthopedics
  • Total Joint Replacement – Knee
  • Total Joint Replacement – Hip
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
  • Workers’ Compensation


A founding member of Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, Dr. Thomas F. Gleason is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating spinal problems in adults and performing hip and knee joint replacements. He offers patients an array of treatment options for spine conditions, including cervical and lumbar disk replacements, laminectomy, spinal fusion, microendoscopic discectomy, intradiscal electrothermal therapy and kyphoplasty. Dr. Gleason also performs other procedures including arthroscopy, total knee replacement and total hip replacement.

The son of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gleason was inspired by the difference his father made in patients’ lives and the satisfaction it gave him. He keeps informed of the latest developments in his field through his work as a reviewer of articles submitted for publication to the research journal Spine and as an assistant clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago.

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In providing care, I look at the patient as a whole, rather than focusing just on the spine or joint. I view my work as a partnership with my patient and educate them about their condition and treatment."

Thomas Gleason, MD


Medical School

Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood IL


University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL


University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada- Adult Spinal Problems

  • Goldstein, W.M., Raab, D.J., Gleason, T.F., Branson, J.J., Berland, K.: Why Posterior Cruciate. Retaining and Substituting Total Knee Replacements Have Similar Ranges of Motion. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Pages 182-188, Volume 88-A, Supplement 4, 2006
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  • Honorable Mention, First Annual Orthopaedic Writing Competition for Orthopaedic Residents
  • Winner – Scientific paper on Trauma, The American College of Surgeons: 1983
  • Midwest Winner, Competition on Scientific Papers on Trauma, The American College of Surgeons: 1984
  • Chosen as one of “America’s Top Physicians”, listed in the “Guide to America’s Top Physicians”, chosen by the Consumer’s Research Council of America
  • Assistant Clinical Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago, Illinois
  • Faculty Member – Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
  • Preceptor – University of Nebraska – Physician Assistant Program/Master of Physician Assistant Studies.
  • Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery- Holy Family Medical Center

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