If you’re someone who is living with severe joint problems, you know how much impact that pain can have on your everyday life. At IBJI, our motto is “Move Better. Live Better.” And that’s just what television personality Al Roker decided he needed to do recently. Roker, who is the weather anchor for NBC’s “TODAY Show,” had lived with knee problems for many years.

After having one knee replaced in 2001, Roker put off surgery on his other knee for years. That decision had painful and debilitating consequences. As Roker explained during a recent news story about his knee problems, “Sometimes your body talks to you. Mine was yelling at me that I needed to do something about my knee.”

So this fall, Roker decided to have his other knee replaced. The “TODAY Show” tracked his progress on television as he sped through the surgery, recovery and rehabilitation process. Roker returned to his on-air duties less than two weeks after surgery. He is extremely pleased with the results of his latest surgery and credits improved knee replacement techniques and a rigorous physical therapy program for his quick recovery.

One of the smartest things that someone considering joint replacement can do is to find a doctor whose team offers a comprehensive and customized approach to pre- and post-operative care. At IBJI, we have created several innovative programs for our joint replacement patients. These programs are designed to improve communication between every member of a patient’s entire care team and improve patient outcomes.

These customized programs typically start with a total musculoskeletal evaluation. IBJI specialists assess each patient’s overall health. They also gather important information that will factor into the recovery process. For example, they ask about the patient’s post-operative support system to learn more about who will be assisting the patient once he or she returns home. They identify potential hazards within the patient’s home, like steps or loose carpeting, and provide recommendations for making the home environment as safe as possible. By taking into account all of the factors that can influence an individual patient’s recovery, the team can create a care plan specifically for that patient’s post-surgery needs.

This important planning process helps reduce the risk of falls, infections and hospital re-admission during recovery. Created by IBJI, this innovative approach to total joint replacement that takes surgical care to the next level by improving the patient experience across the continuum of care. For more information about total joint replacement at IBJI and about how our innovative programs deliver care plans that are customized for each patient, please visit https://www.orthosync.ibji.com/.

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