With so many MRI providers to choose from, it is important to ask yourself, or the provider, the following questions before scheduling your scan:

  • Does the organization you are being referred to provide “low cost, high value” services?
  • Does the site you are being referred to offer both a High-Field or a High-Field Open MRI system?
  • Are you able to schedule online on the same day or next?
  • Are there early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments available?
  • Is the site you are being referred to an accredited facility?
  • Are your images easily accessible by your physician (through the web or on CD)?

IBJI MRI confidently answers, “Yes,” to all of these questions, offering Optimal Imaging — the highest quality imaging available today with an array of imaging options available for your comfort. IBJI is committed to offering convenience, seamless coordination and imaging excellence — all at a fraction of the cost of what you would find with hospital-based MRI services.

For a list of our locations see the attached flyer or visit ibjimri.com. To Schedule online, call 855.425.4674.

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