I wanted to get your attention and highlight what a HUGE help Angelica was last week. My son, had an MRI scheduled for 12/31 which we needed to do in 2019 for insurance purposes. *We needed an Arthrogram but we were accidentally scheduled for a regular MRI and got a call to cancel the appointment because the radiologist that needed to do the Arthrogram would not be at Morton Grove that day. Arthrograms were being done at Libertyville on 12/31, so Angelica asked the radiologist to come in early and asked if we could schedule online at Libertyville.*

I honestly didn’t think there was anything that could be done, the schedule in Libertyville was completely booked. Angelica went above and beyond the call of duty and somehow (had to call in a big favor I’m sure) and got the Dr. to come in early on New Year’s Eve. To be perfectly honest, my wife and I were VERY frustrated with IBJI heading up to this as it took way too much work to get this appointment etc. only to have it cancelled.

I am very grateful for the help Angelica gave us and wanted to make sure you knew.

*Added for clarification.

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