I am writing to commend your two MRI techs at the Bannockburn facility. I had an initial MRI where the report noted a follow-up image to be taken of a different body area. In reviewing the MRI appointments the night before my scheduled follow-up appointment, Elaine noticed that my order referenced an MRI for a different part of the body then what was referenced on the MRI report. I was called by your office around 6 p.m. to let me know of this and to tell me they had sent an urgent message to the doctor. When I was made aware of this, I messaged my doctor's answering service about the discrepancy, and the order was rectified the evening before my 7:15 a.m. appointment to take place the following morning. Without the heads up from Elaine, I could very well have arrived early in the morning, before the doctor's office opened, to either end up getting the wrong MRI, or with needing to reschedule the MRI while waiting to reach the doctor for clarification. This was averted by Elaine's astuteness and I am most appreciative.

I would like to recognize Amy as well. She was the tech who preformed both of my MRI's and was very professional and responsive to me. 

Please recognize both of these excellent employees for a job well done.

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