Extremely pleased with my surgery, after diagnosis and commitment to have total knee replacement, I began my journey with IBJI educational information, including video of procedure I was anticipating. Pre-surgical checklist and postoperative appointments were scheduled. Internet resources were available. Antibiotic information was provided.

A customized care coordination plan was set with Feb 4th, 2019 surgery date, Home Health scheduled on Feb 7th with Aspire Home Health including nursing and physical therapy beginning immediately. Aspire Home Health was extremely competent, making my recovery easy, re-evaluating all my medications with focus on pain management, wound care, strengthening exercises and safety. Daily questionnaire from Dr. Jimenez with focus on my progress came from IBJI and ortho team.

My range of motion was measured at every PT appointment with amazing results. Pain throughout the day was controlled with Norco 5mg and ice packs to the knee. Alternating with ibuprofen during the day.

Feb 19th my staples were removed, no pain and my scar healed beautifully, a plastic surgeons' perfection.

I was using a walker for 3 days, never need my 4 prong cane. (see video)

Feb 22nd I began my physical therapy at IBJI Rehab-Morton Grove, three times a week til April 26th. Nights are uncomfortable, I continue my extra-strength Tylenol. PT began preparing me for my right total knee replacement in six months.

I am so pleased with my surgery, results and Dr. Jimenez my ortho. I will recommend Dr. Jimenez / IBJI to anyone in need of surgery. Surgical expectations and post op rehab were perfect. Why did i wait so long?!

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