Simple story, I was young and dumb running 18 marathons since 1991 until 2004 finishing 15 of them. The knee pain started long before the last marathon. After my last marathon I started getting injections to the knee areas besides having common pain. I got a david band to go over the bottom part of knee, didn't work. Was hell bent on running at all cost. Had surgeries on both knees due to meniscus issues. So I was willing to do whatever it took to keep running. The problem was I was not getting younger.

It go so bad that I could only run once a week. So I would fill up on aspirin, aleve whatever it took to run. Was taking injections in the knee when the knee got sick. Went to my doctor and he told me to get to hospital it was infected. That's were I met Dr. D'Silva who temp repaired my knee and suggested I have it replaced. I knew from years of constant pain, arthritis, bending over hating to get out of bed, it must be done. I was afraid due to the unknown but somehow I took a chance and trusted Dr. D'Silva.

I had my right one done first it felt great back to work in 7 weeks. He also suggested the left one and within the year had it done. What happened to me is a miracle the first thing I noticed is I was not limping and I didn't need the arthritis cream anymore. I will tell you it took time and plenty of therapy to fix the first knee. I was willing to believe my therapist and the doctor. The therapist also suggested water therapy. I hated swimming never learned and thought what do I have to lose? Combined the both and it was the answer to all my knee issues.

After having both knees replaced I have a new lease on life. I can do anything I want EXCEPT running. I do not limp, no pain getting out of bed is great, I can kneel and most days do not need medication to make it through the day. I also thought try something new so I learned how to swim which is my new passion. I met some great swimmers in the pool area and they taught me how. I am a regular swimmer doing it 3 times a week 45 to 60 minutes each time. I am still active working getting in and out of vehicles everyday like I never had a knee issue in my life. Dr. D'Silva gave me my life back and allowed me to keep living a productive life. I have never had any problems with my replacement knees since. Keeping my knees crossed that everything goes well.

So if you are thinking about surgery I would recommend Dr. Joseph L. D'Silva, MD who did a professional job and was good at it.

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