Since 2016, three sets of initials have made a great positive impact on my physical health and my mental outlook: IBJI, OHP, and HPI. While I had been moderately active in sports through college, by the time I completed some professional degrees, got married, and was working, most of my leisure time was spent eating, reading, and passively watching sports on TV.

Over the years my physical condition become so poor that I could not walk easily or get out of a chair without requiring assistance and feeling pain. Although I could still work at my desk, I was burden to myself and loved ones and was depressed.

In 2017, I was referred to IBJI- The Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. After meeting with Dr. Richard Sherman, a talented and caring Orthopedic surgeon, he preformed a Full Left Hip Replacement  and I was on a path to recovery. After an initial week at the Whitehall where physical therapy and occupational therapy were initiated, doctor Sherman authorized home care through Highland Park Hospital's services where I had excellent and intensive physical and occupational therapists four times a week for over a month.

At that point I could continue my rehabilitation as an out patient wherever was best for my needs. I chose to go to the IBJI facility just a few miles from my home. My status was evaluated and a progress plan was created and coordinated by an experiences, nurturing, yet demanding physical therapist Lauren Roman.

After two and one half months of therapy, I had reached a certain point in my progress and health coverage would normally have been maximized for the year. Because I am a diabetic, Medicare helps fund a wonderful plan called (OHP) OrthoHealth Program. Through it, I was able to receive four additional physical therapy sessions, two visits from an excellent nutritionist and two sessions with a person whose title is Integrative Health Coach. This person keeps the whole process on track and makes sensible suggestions on how to reach specific goals that I plan to accomplish both physically and psychologically. The woman who serves as my Integrative Health Coach, Donna Taylor, has been extremely caring and helpful. She has been invaluable to my progress.

For example when I told her that my right shoulder was extremely painful, she suggested I see my surgeon to get his thoughts. He ordered an MRI and told me that the bone and joint there was rubbing bone on bone. He stated that he would not preform that surgery on me and recommended a specialist. He added that to eliminate the problem I would either need surgery or find ways to live with it.

Donna Taylor suggested that I ask my pain doctor, Dr. Richard Caner (recommended by Dr. Sherman) if he would authorize a right shoulder evaluation with physical therapy at (HPI) Health Performance Institute. Not only did he authorize that, but suggested that there are injections to provide lubricating fluids for that area which could help. Donna also said that Paul Schmidt, a long time physical therapist at the Health Performance Institute is an expert at rehabilitating shoulders. I was fortunate to have Paul Schmidt and his assistants helping with my shoulder situation.

The positive result is that currently I am not in twice a week for treatments with Paul and some home exercises. I have some pain medications for the days that I have the PT manipulations which expand my range of motion, I experience my shoulder's progress already.

Although insurance does not cover all HPI services, their service fees are reasonable. I do avail myself of once-a-week massage therapy treatments at HPI which significantly reduces the pain between PT sessions.

In conclusion, I have the greatest respect for the caring, intelligence, skill and staff by whom I have been helped and others whom I have observed. I would recommend anyone needing rehabilitation and assistance to positively consider utilizing IBJI. They are preforming a great service at IBJI's Health Performance Institute.

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