My path to better ambulation has been a one-and-a-half-year-long process. I have been in physical therapy for most of the year and also have seen a chiropractor for several months. Realizing that something else could be wrong, I was directed to Dr. Shapiro. His office is very efficient with appointments and first-visit information. I brought along a summary of a spine MRI from two years previous. So, after X-rays at the office, Dr. Shapiro came in and knew exactly what was wrong with me. I had a current MRI taken and off to surgery for a laminectomy and fusion of L3, L4, L5. Surgery was on January 6, 2023.

The outcome of the surgery is amazing. My posture is so much better. I can stand up straight! People tell me I look better due to the fact that I am generally feeling better. I was only on a walker for nine days, then I transitioned to a cane. My legs do not fatigue and I can stand for long periods of time. My gait movement is stronger and I have "pep in my step." I do continue with PT as the abnormal pattern that I was in for so long weakened my gluteus muscles which I am trying to strengthen. In the house, I am almost completely cane-free, but I do use my cane for safety when I am out in the community.

Dr. Shapiro is knowledgeable, efficiently used my time, is concerned for his patients, and created a better life for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Shapiro and his staff!

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