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Home PA Residency Program

PA Residency Program

Illinois Bone and Joint Institute’s Physician Assistant (PA) program is sponsored by Rosalind Franklin University’s PA program. The residency takes place at Lutheran General Hospital and is directed by Dr. Charles Lieder and Dr. Patrick Knott. The program has been reviewed for a maximum of 50 hours of clinical Category CME credit by the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Physician assistants should claim only those hours actually spent participating in the CME activity. This program was planned in accordance with AAPA’s CME Standards for Lecture-Learner Programs and for Commercial Support of Lecture-Learner Programs.

Contact Information

Patrick Knott, PhD, PA-C
Professor, Rosalind Franklin University PA Program
Direct Phone: (847) 578-8689
Department Fax: (847) 578-8690


To provide the graduate Physician Assistant with an opportunity to obtain advanced training in orthopaedic surgery.


The residency program offered by the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute is a 12 month didactic and clinical training program. The program is modeled after the physician residency program in orthopaedic surgery also offered at the Institute. This multi-specialty orthopaedic group consists of twelve fellowship-trained surgeons who participate in both the didactic and clinical components in the area of their respective sub-specialties.

University/Institutional Affiliations:

The residency program is offered by the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute which is located at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois. This is one of the largest private teaching hospitals in the Chicago suburban area, and also participates in the education of PA students, medical students, and physician residents. The residency program is sponsored by the Physician Assistant Program at Rosalind Franklin University, and the faculty from each program cooperates in the education of PA students and PA residents.

Residency Objectives:

Upon completion, the PA will have an in-depth understanding of the various sub-specialties within orthopaedics, including: trauma, total joint replacement, spine surgery, hand surgery, sportsmedicine, and foot & ankle surgery. The graduate will have had extensive experience in the triage, evaluation, treatment and management of orthopaedic problems in each of these areas. The graduate will have developed into an expert first-assistant in the operating room.

Program Length:

The program is 12 months in length.  We have a rolling admission process, so the start date can be at any time during the year.


5 to 7 residency positions each year.


The didactic and clinical curriculum are integrated. The PA resident will participate in daily teaching rounds, weekly conferences, weekly grand rounds, and weekly interdisciplinary conferences. The clinical curriculum will consist of rotations through the following sub-specialty areas: orthopaedic trauma surgery, total joint surgery, spine surgery, sports surgery, hand surgery, and foot & ankle surgery. The resident will participate in clinics, inpatient care and first-assist in the operating room while on each rotation. The resident will also participate in in-house trauma call approximately one night per week.



Other Fees / Expenses / Tuition:



Health Insurance, Malpractice Insurance. Ten days paid time off.


Arranged individually by each resident. The Medical Center is located in a clean residential area with many apartment complexes nearby.

Credentials Awarded:

Upon completion of the residency program, a certificate of training will be awarded by the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.