Health Performance Institute

Health Performance Institute
At IBJI’s Health Performance Institute (HPI), fitness experts are available to help enhance how you move, feel, and perform. Our sports medicine team works with athletes of all ages and skill levels, from youth to professional, and non-athletes looking to become more active.

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We offer small or large group fitness classes, health coaching, nutrition guidance, massage therapy, and acupuncture. HPI also provides personal training for fitness or health performance and sport-specific training.

HPI is open seven days a week, and our physical therapy services are available Monday through Saturday. Visit us at any of our three convenient locations:

Highland Park
1919 Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

Morton Grove
9000 Waukegan Road, Suite 100
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Mount Prospect
431 Lakeview Court, Suite E
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Recover. Train. Perform Better.

The health performance specialists at Health Performance Institute are here to help you achieve your fitness and recovery goals. Meet with our team to establish a treatment plan, complete physical therapy or athletic training, recover from injury, track your health performance progress, and return to your sport better than ever.

HPI offers services and activities to help you recover, train, and perform at a high level, including:

  • Consultations
  • Free fitness classes
  • Massage therapy
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture

FAQs About the Health Performance Institute

What Is Wellness?

Wellness refers to your well-being, which means being in good physical and mental health. Improving your physical health and fitness can benefit your mental health and vice versa.

An integrated performance health and fitness experience is essential for lasting results and maintaining an active lifestyle. Health Performance Institute provides wellness services that allow you to move better, feel better, and prevent injury.

What Does a Consultation Cost?

We offer a free consultation and performance screening where you can discuss your health goals with one of our experts and decide if IBJI’s Health Performance Institute is a good fit for you.

You can also try out one of our classes for free. If and when you are ready to discuss your fitness goals, request an appointment online to get started.

What Is Included in the Elite Baseball and Softball Training Program? Who Is It For?

The Lab at Health Performance Institute Mt. Prospect offers a world-class baseball and softball instruction and training experience with all the equipment you need to practice your hitting, pitching, and fielding.

Our four well-lit, multi-functional cages and turfed areas allow players to practice in a customized environment for the most effective training.

Group training is designed for 3rd-12th grade baseball and softball players. Elite training is also available to help players level up every aspect of their game, with customized programming to help athletes improve their speed, agility, power, and strength.

How Much Should Athletes Train in Season?

Generally, athletes should strength train two to four times a week during the season, depending on a few different factors. (e.g., How physical is the sport? How much playing time are they getting? How many hours of sleep are they getting each night?)

Three workouts a week are sufficient if an athlete gets good sleep and eats well. There’s a common misconception that athletes might “over-train,” but this is hard to do. As long as they prioritize recovery, lifting during the season is a good chance for athletes to maintain and even increase strength and speed, especially high school and collegiate athletes looking to gain an edge.

Each situation is unique and depends on the athlete. What matters is they stay active, even if that means training just once or twice a week

What Is the Most Important Training Variable?

Training volume is the most critical factor in exercise training variables. If you don’t see the fitness results you want, assessing your total training volume can help.

Total training volume is a simple equation:

The number of exercise sets multiplied by the number of exercise reps, multiplied by the weight performed (sets x reps x weight).

Why Choose the Health Performance Institute

With the IBJI sports and fitness experts at Health Performance Institute, you can take your physical health and performance to the next level. From students to professional athletes to those just looking to get moving, we’ll help you reach your wellness and recovery goals.

Schedule online today, and enhance how you move, feel, and perform.

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