Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient joint replacement is a same-day procedure and a convenient alternative to staying overnight in the hospital after surgery.

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At IBJI, you’ll get high-quality care from our experienced orthopedic surgeons and be cleared to return home in under 24 hours, saving you the time and cost of inpatient treatment.

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Same-Day Surgery Benefits

Outpatient ambulatory care is growing in popularity because of the many benefits for patients. At IBJI, you get the same high-quality, multidisciplinary care, with the added convenience of a shorter visit and lower out-of-pocket costs.

As a regional leader in outpatient joint replacement surgery, IBJI offers a minimally-invasive surgical approach that allows you to get back to your everyday life sooner.

You can leave our facility the same day after surgery and recover from the comfort of your own home. You will also lower your risk of hospital-acquired infections by recovering at home.

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IBJI’s Outpatient Joint Replacement Services

Hip Replacement

When the use of your hip is restricted and non-surgical treatments aren’t working, outpatient hip replacement surgery can help you get your mobility back and relieve your pain.

Knee Replacement

Knee pain can make walking and other basic activities a challenge, reducing your quality of life. Outpatient knee replacement surgery is a convenient, affordable alternative to help you get moving again.

Shoulder Replacement

Without effective use of your shoulder, it’s impossible to do many of your regular daily activities. With convenient, cost-effective outpatient shoulder replacement surgery, you can start taking back control of your life sooner.

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FAQs About Outpatient Joint Replacement

Is Outpatient Joint Replacement Safe? What Are the Risks of Having Same-Day Surgery?

Research done by IBJI orthopedic surgeons David Raab, MD and Ritesh Shah, MD, found no increased risk to patients having outpatient joint replacement surgery at an ambulatory surgical center.

Newer technologies, such as robotic and sensor-assisted techniques, help facilitate outpatient surgical procedures and aid in a faster recovery.

Outpatient joint replacement surgery is not typically recommended for older patients, patients with significant medical conditions, or patients with an anticipated complex surgery.

What Happens Before You Can Be Discharged After Outpatient Joint Replacement?

IBJI patients who undergo outpatient joint replacement surgery are typically back on their feet after surgery and discharged by their surgeon the same day. You will need someone to drive you and help you at home while you recover.

Do You Need Home Care After Same-Day Joint Surgery?

Yes, nursing care and physical therapy will continue at home with the help of a home healthcare provider as you recover from outpatient total joint replacement surgery.

When Do You Start Physical Therapy After Outpatient Joint Replacement?

Physical therapy will start right away in the hospital after your procedure and will continue as you recover at home.

Why Choose IBJI for Outpatient Joint Replacement

Why Choose IBJI for Outpatient Joint Replacement

With same-day joint replacement, you get the high-quality, multidisciplinary care you expect from IBJI in a more convenient, cost-effective setting.

Our experienced orthopedic team will help restore your mobility and relieve your joint pain using today’s most advanced minimally-invasive surgical methods.

Get the care you need and return home the same day to start your healing journey.

Find an orthopedic surgeon, Schedule online today, and get on a path to recovery.

  • Find Out if Joint Replacement is Right For You

    If joint pain and limited mobility is impacting your life, the orthopedic specialists at IBJI can help.

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