"I learned a lot about teamwork, cooperation, and discipline."

- U.S. Navy Veteran Mark Taylor, IBJI Physical Therapist

Mark Taylor works at the IBJI Gurnee office. He served in the United States Navy for 20 years from 1983 to October of 2003.

Physical Therapist
Mark Taylor, MS, PTCDR USN (Ret)

"I worked as a Physical Therapist during that time treating active duty members from all branches of service," Mark says. "I was also involved with readiness and physical fitness training."

Mark worked in small to large Naval hospitals from Florida to Rhode Island and finally in the Midwest at the Great Lakes Naval Training facility from 1998-2003. His rank at the time of his retirement was Commander.

"I joined the Navy because my father served for 20 years and I wanted to serve my country as well," Mark says. "I strongly believe in our way of life in America and wanted to serve with those who protect that way of life."

Mark says his time in the Navy afforded him many educational and administrative opportunities as a physical therapist. His experiences in the Navy acquainted him with people from different nationalities and backgrounds.

"I learned a lot about teamwork, cooperation and discipline," he says. "I also learned to appreciate, more than ever, the freedoms and opportunities I enjoy as an American and the effort and sacrifice that is necessary to preserve them."

We salute Mark Taylor this Veterans Day!

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