When accidents happen, families often have no choice but to turn to emergency care. Unfortunately, emergency rooms experience a high volume of patients, leading to crowded waiting rooms and potential patient exposure to germs and disease. Today, families can skip the chaos of the ER, and get quality, efficient urgent care for common orthopedic injuries.

Don’t spend countless hours in a hospital waiting room for an orthopedic injury. Illinois Bone & Joint Institute has same day walk-in orthopedic clinics designed to provide quality orthopedic care when you need it the most. IBJI is ready to treat your unexpected falls, accidents, or injuries, including fractures, torn tendons or broken bones. Experience shorter wait times in a family-friendly environment at OrthoAccess.

What Is OrthoAccess?

OrthoAccess is Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s orthopedic urgent care clinic, providing a less expensive and time-saving alternative to the ER for non-life-threatening orthopedic injuries. The healthcare providers at OrthoAccess are dedicated to providing highly-qualified orthopedic immediate care for you and your family with 14 convenient clinics across Chicagoland.

OrthoAccess Has Benefits!

Experience same-day treatment, with no appointment necessary and shorter wait times than the ER. OrthoAccess treatments typically cost less than emergency room visits, helping reduce unnecessary expenses for you and your loved ones. Our certified orthopedic physicians provide expert care in a family-friendly setting, with on-site diagnostics tests and imaging to diagnose and treat your injury.

What Types of Injuries Are Treated at OrthoAccess?

If you experience any of the following and need to be seen by a doctor, skip the wait at the emergency room and head to one of our OrthoAccess locations.

  • Simple fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Bone and joint pain resulting from an acute injury
  • Pediatric injuries
  • Sprains, strains, and contusions
  • School and sport-related injuries
  • Work-related injuries

Reserve Your Spot

One of the highlights of OrthoAccess is the "Reserve My Spot" feature. When you experience an injury that needs immediate attention, simply notify us that you are on the way, and we can save your place in line. Click “Reserve My Spot” and choose a location, select the estimated time you’ll be arriving, and fill out any additional questions.


Immediate Orthopedic Care across Chicagoland

OrthoAccess has 14 clinics across the greater Chicago area, with flexible hours varying by location. OrthoAccess clinics offer after-hours appointments on Saturdays in Glenview, and treat patients on Saturdays and Sundays in Morton Grove.

Avoid the frustration of enduring hours in a hospital waiting room for orthopedic injuries. Instead, turn to Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s OrthoAccess walk-in orthopedic clinics. OrthoAccess provides you and your family top-tier orthopedic care precisely when you need it most!

Author: Kristopher Bridgeman, PA-C is a board-certified physician assistant and clinical director for OrthoAccess Immediate Care Clinics at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute in Hinsdale, Joliet, and Western Springs.

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