On April 29th, I ruptured the distal tendon in my left arm while I was powerlifting. This was my first major injury in the sport, and as with many, I was not prepared. After meeting with my general practitioner, I was referred to see Dr. Jeffrey Visotsky at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute. We met at my appointment and he immediately determined it was a rupture. We scheduled my surgery for May 8th. I had told him I fully intended to lift at full strength and beyond post-op during our meeting.

Dr. Visotsky performed the procedure and I was then casted for 2 weeks and given a brace afterward. With Dr. Visotsky and IBJI's amazing physical therapy team in Morton Grove and Des Plaines, I was able to recover in the shortest time frame given, being released with pain as my guide at four months. On December 12th, only seven months and four days post-op, I was able to compete in a full power competition, and hit a lifetime personal record bench press of 403 lbs. I have also been able to deadlift 675 lbs and squat 755 lbs post-op. IBJI's staff was amazing, and considering the pandemic on top of all the things needed for recovery, I could never have asked for a better experience. Thank you for everything.

A founding member of Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, Dr. Jeffrey L. Visotsky is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty certification in hand surgery. He specializes in hand, elbow and shoulder reconstruction procedures. Dr. Visotsky performs rotator cuff repairs, shoulder instability reconstruction, primary and reverse shoulder replacement, tennis elbow surgery, and all hand procedures, including reconstruction, reimplementation and carpal tunnel surgery.

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