I am a new patient for Dr. Alan League, a referral from another podiatrist. Dr. League was to be a second opinion for an ankle procedure that I needed to have done.

While I had some issues in the past with IBJI, it did not stop me from finding the right doctor for the complex procedure that I have.

I was impressed on the first visit that I was able to have discs of my old and current X-rays. Nicole (Dr. League's staff member) was able to download the X-rays immediately, but we could not find the CT scan that was to be included on the discs. She called both my previous doctors' assistant and also Northwestern Hospital where the CT scan was done. She knew how important the CT scan was for Dr. League.

Dr. League was easy to work with, asked the right questions, gave me confidence of what needed to be done, demonstrated what my foot and ankle would appear like after surgery, gave me confidence that while complicated, the procedure could be done. The reason that I chose Dr. League was the team concept that he and Nicole have. I was made to feel at ease because Nicole made the job easier for me - insurance, medical forms and communications were all handled by her. I received an email on the same day as my first visit with her e-mail and phone number attached and she told me to call at any time.

Choosing a doctor and getting a team are very tough to find or to ask for. I never felt like a number, Nicole was ahead of me on the items I needed to do before surgery. So many patients need to be hand held through the entire process. I felt like Nicole has done this so many times and is just great at what she can do to help lower the anxiety of surgery for the patient.

I am grateful for my choice of Dr. League and Nicole. I am still on the mend, but have such great confidence on my healing because I have the right group working hard to make sure that I heal the best possible way. My thanks goes out to Nicole, the small things do matter, and making the patient part of the process is what more healthcare services need to work on.

Alan League, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle reconstruction. He provides care for the full range of foot and ankle problems.

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