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With 26 bones, over 100 muscles and tendons, a network of blood vessels and nerves, and 33 joints, the feet and ankles are an incredibly complex aspect of our musculoskeletal system. As the foundation and engine to any ambulatory movements, these intricacies ensure that people have enough strength, flexibility, and durability to survive everyday tasks.

How to Choose the Right Foot and Ankle Orthopedist

Anyone who has experienced chronic or severe foot pain can attest to how debilitating these conditions can be in everyday life. By utilizing the best foot doctors, you can save yourself time, agony, and frustration that comes with improper diagnosis, poor treatment plans, and failed surgery.

IBJI’s foot and ankle doctors avoid these pitfalls by staying on top of current medical knowledge and procedures. By embracing the latest technology and techniques, we put thousands of patients back on their feet every year with the most return of functionality possible.

Illinois Foot Doctor Locations

If you are interested in finding a doctor you can trust, no matter how complex the foot or ankle condition, find the closest IBJI location to you today.

Foot & Ankle Treatments and Conditions

IBJI’s thoroughly experienced team of foot doctors and orthopaedists are well-versed in any and all conditions affecting the ankles and feet. We utilize our extensive knowledge to treat your medical condition in the most effective manner possible. Common foot and ankle treatments and conditions include:

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