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When I met with Dr. Jimenez for the initial consultation and examination, he had no hesitation in accepting my situation, letting me know that I qualified for the Anterior Method, and presenting me with hope for a good outcome of the surgery. Dr. Jimenez performed the operation on my left hip in December of 2013. My bulk and bone density presented a challenge which the doctor was able to meet. Within 12 hours I was up and walking around, and my rehabilitation was accomplished very quickly with the excellent range-of-motion that I enjoyed at that point. In December of 2017, Dr. Jimenez successfully completed a full hip replacement using the Anterior Method again on my right hip. The result was the same quick post-op recovery, very effective rehabilitation, and excellent range-of-motion. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Jimenez as an outstanding Surgeon. Thank you doctor, I know my case was a challenge, and I’m very glad that you were willing to take me on – twice.

Matthew Jimenez, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, fellowship-trained in joint and pelvis reconstruction, specializing in orthopedic fracture care and joint reconstruction. His patient-centered focus is on soft-tissue preservation and rapid recovery. He has a special interest and expertise in the Direct Anterior Approach for total hip arthroplasty.

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