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Tony’s hips have been through a lot during his lifetime. The 64-year-old former athlete and traveling business professional had bone-on-bone in both hips, but that pain is behind him after having a left hip replacement at IBJI.

Choosing alternative methods over traditional medicine to heal his ailments, Tony has been taking supplements and natural anti-inflammatories for years. He attributes his good health to these practices.

Tony had a successful left hip replacement at IBJI with Dr. Jalaal Shah.
Tony had a successful left hip
replacement at IBJI.

“I’ve treated everything naturally,” he says.

Spending more than 30 years in a career that has taken him state to state on long road trips led to limited mobility and hip pain. He averages about 50,000 miles per year traveling across the country by car to secure donations and supporters for Olivet Nazarene University.

“It’s pretty evident to me that this came from sitting and driving thousands of miles for the university,” he says. “When you’re stagnant and not moving, that’s a big part of the issue with worn-out joints.”

This finally led him to search for a surgeon at IBJI who could perform a left hip replacement while respecting Tony’s natural approach to healthcare.

Read on to find out how Tony’s left hip replacement led to a right hip replacement and hear about his unexpected recovery experiences.

A History of Athletic Activity Before Left Hip Replacement

As a young man, Tony competed in track, cross country, football, baseball, and basketball, and began wrestling in high school, ultimately settling on wrestling and baseball as his collegiate sports. As a father, he raised four sons who are all equally passionate about sports.

“They grew up eating and sleeping sports,” Tony recalls, adding that two are coaching and one son works as a physical therapist.

A Heart Check-up That Led to Left Hip Replacement

Hip pain first hit Tony when he went for an echocardiogram. He was put through heart tests, one of which was a stress test that required him to walk on a treadmill set at a major slant.

“I’m an old athlete so I wanted to show these young bucks what I could do,” he recalled. “During that time, I was in pain. It just started hitting me on the left hip. I was pushing really hard. After that, the pain stayed.”

At that time, he didn’t have any pain in his right hip.

He tried to keep working out, but the pain was bothering him. This led him to a search for a doctor who could perform a left hip replacement.

“That persistent pain in my hip and down in my groin motivated me to start getting it checked out,” Tony explains.

Left Hip Replacement Consultation

He felt that the first physician he visited was not carrying on a conversation with him, but rather talking at him and sharing facts that he already knew from his own research. Tony was looking for a caring physician who could meet him where he was and understand his natural approach.

Visiting IBJI for Left Hip Replacement

Tony found his way to IBJI after an acquaintance recommended it for his left hip replacement.

“He treated me like I had a brain," Tony says of his surgeon, "And that’s not always the case. I felt totally comfortable with this guy.”

Tony scheduled his surgery for September 30, 2020.

Medications Following Left Hip Replacement Surgery

Tony didn’t have any pain following his left hip replacement surgery. Initially, he took a couple of different pain medications and worked with a home health care nurse. After about 48 hours post-op, he decided to stop taking them.

“I just didn’t need the drugs, and that’s the direction I always want to go,” Tony says.

Tony’s Surprising Recovery After Left Hip Replacement

He really didn’t know what to expect but says he went into his left hip replacement surgery with an open mind.

“I guess I was surprised by how quickly I could walk without having to depend on a walker or anything,” Tony says. “I was really blown away by the low level of discomfort. The pain was very minimal.”

Physical Therapy for Left Hip Replacement

Tony is a good student and listened carefully to the physical therapists who cared for him after his left hip replacement surgery.

“I did what they wanted me to do to be careful,” he says. “I followed what they said and at 12 days post-op, I was walking without aid. It was amazing that I could walk without pain.”

Pain in the Right Hip

Naturally, since both of Tony’s hips had bone-on-bone contact, he needed to start thinking about having a right hip replacement surgery. He was planning to schedule the surgery sooner, especially after his left hip replacement went so well. However, due to getting COVID, he could not schedule it when he wanted – before Christmas of 2021.

“We scheduled it for the spring,” Tony says. “My right hip really was not far behind the left. It started acting up about a year or so ago.”

The Right Facility for the Job

Tony chose IBJI to perform the surgery again. Since his right hip pain had become so pronounced, he worked with his surgeon to move his appointment up. He had his surgery in mid-April, just a little over a year and a half after his left hip replacement surgery.

Recovering from His Second Hip Replacement Surgery

Just five days after surgery, Tony was already back to work from his home office, answering emails and talking on the phone.

I’m staying at home and trying not to push things too much,” he says. “I get around the house mostly with the walker and I can get from one counter to the next in the kitchen. I’m doing well.”

Tony’s wife Janine thinks that he is progressing faster than his left hip replacement surgery.

Tony's wife Janine supported him after left hip replacement surgery.
Tony's wife Janine supported him
after his left hip replacement surgery.

“She’s been watching my movement around the house,” he says. “She has seen my ability to get around and she’s not hearing much from me in terms of agonizing pain or anything like that.”

Some minor challenges have been getting up and down from the bed, chairs, and couch.

“My family has seen me go from really struggling and not being able to stand up to being able to stand up no matter what the surface is,” Tony says.

He did not need any narcotics and took only ibuprofen and aspirin for the discomfort. He was also advised to take aspirin to prevent blood clots.

“I’ve also got my natural anti-inflammatories,” Tony says.

With both hips replaced, he can now look forward to being out of pain and back to full mobility.

Take the Next Step, Like Tony Did

Whether you are just starting your hip care journey or need a second opinion, IBJI hip surgeons are here to help provide you with the necessary care for your ailment. Get the relief you’re seeking with the help of IBJI.

Request an appointment with an IBJI hip surgeon to discuss treatment options like arthroscopic hip surgery and create an individualized approach to your care.

Check out IBJI’s additional online resources for hip care to learn more about conditions and read patient testimonials.

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