Donald came to IBJI with knee pain in 2006. He knew that he would need knee replacement for both knees as they were bone on bone. With the help of IBJI's Dr. David Raab, Donald was able to receive care and treatment for his knees. Together they decided the best plan was to do knee replacement on both knees. Keep reading to learn more about Donald's knee replacement experience.

Knee Care Plan

Donald's pain was relieved with the help of knee replacement on both knees. “Image from:

Donald first met with Dr. David Raab in 2006 upon his then PA, Lisa Strada's recommendation for knee pain. After reviewing Donald's X-rays, it was inevitable that both knees would need to be replaced because they were both worn down to bone on bone. The problem Donald faced was the timing with his job. "I was just put in charge of the plumbing at a large construction project in Chicago, and could not take the necessary time off for the joint replacements. We came up with the solution that if we started a series of cortisone shots the joint replacement could possibly be delayed," said Donald. Fortunately, the cortisone shots worked and Donald was able to complete his work project to be able to schedule knee replacement.

Knee Replacement on Both Knees

Both of Donald's knees were replaced at the same time in January of 2009. Donald recalls, "During my hospital stay at Lutheran General, Dr. Rabb and Lisa Strada visited me daily and provided me with the most unbelievable care and support. Dr. Raab insisted that I would be transferred to the Rehab Institute of Chicago in Elk Grove Village as an in-patient for about two weeks. The care, support and encouragement was all anyone could ask for."

"When I checked in I was on a stretcher and when I checked out I was walking with a walker, better than I could imagine. After a few weeks, there was some pain from healing pain but the end was now in site."

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Physical Therapy to Recovery

Donald continued outpatient physical therapy at IBJI. "In physical therapy I did everything. Rode bicycles, climbed stairs, worked on exercise machines, walked with elastic straps, you name it I did under their watchful eyes and coaching. Six weeks after the surgery, I was driving a car by myself. After eight weeks, I went back to work and started another major plumbing project in Chicago. I couldn't have done it without Dr. Raab, Lisa Strada and IBJI. This experience was 11 years ago, I just recently retired and could not have done without them!"

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