IBJI Health Coaching

Want to Feel Empowered to Improve Your Health?

IBJI Health Coaches help you successfully navigate change to improve your health and reach your goals. Our Health Coaches understand the challenges in making a lifestyle change and work with you from beginning to end in support of YOU living out your health and wellness vision.

5 Reasons to See a Health Coach

1. Your goals get easily derailed.

Have you ever felt like breaking a habit was impossible because it was too much a part of your social life, personal identity, or routine?

2. You don’t feel like you have the tools to succeed.

Do you feel like having someone to talk to and hold you accountable would help you achieve more?

3. You are not on your own priority list.

In your daily routine, do you make time for the requests of others, but often cancel your own plans?

4. You lack motivation or confidence.

Do you want to make healthy changes, but dismiss the idea since you have failed in the past?

5. You don’t know where to start.

Does the overabundance of available information make it difficult to decide what path is best for you?

Health coaching is a partnership between client and coach to achieve optimal health goals. This patient-centered approach provides support, guidance, and resources in order to make lasting health behavior changes.

Interested in Health Coaching? Call 847-324-3020 to get started. Pricing is $80 for one-hour initial consult, $40 for 45-minute follow-up visits.

Sustainable Changes That Lead to A Better Quality of Life

OrthoHealth will provide you the tools to develop long term lifestyle changes by helping each patient understand what motivations and goals drive their behavior. Learn more »

Interested in Health Coaching?

Call 847-324-3020

$80 for one-hour initial consult
$40 for 45-minute follow-up visits