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Injuries happen even though we try our best to avoid them, and when they happen, it can be stressful and overwhelming to try to decide where to go for treatment. With major injuries, a trip to the hospital will be in order, but for other orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, sprains, strains, concussions, and more, you have another option. Illinois Bone and Joint Institute’s OrthoAccess immediate care clinics are here to provide you with quick, affordable, and comprehensive orthopedic injury care, so read on to learn more about why walk-in orthopedic care should be your go-to treatment.

Sports and Work Injuries Need Quick Care

For the athletes in your life, injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Whether it’s a baseball player’s sprained elbow or a soccer player’s torn hamstring, walk-in orthopedic care is the best way to receive fast and comprehensive treatment for sports injuries. Sports injuries require immediate attention because the faster they are treated, the faster your sports star can get on the road to recovery and back on the field. Open evenings and weekends, IBJI’s OrthoAccess clinics are here to treat sports injuries the day they happen.

The baseball field isn’t the only place where people commonly experience injuries- work-related injuries can cause a frustrating and painful interruption to your day. Waiting at the Emergency Room for hours on end isn’t what any productive person wants, and a walk-in orthopedic clinic can make this entire experience easier and more efficient. At our OrthoAccess clinics, you’ll be seen on the same day your injury occurs and wait for significantly less time than if you visited an ER. You don’t need an appointment either, so you can get here and get treatment before that next report is due.

ERs Can Be Scary For Kids

For a child with a broken arm or sprained ankle, walking into the Emergency Room can be a very frightening experience. Loud noises, frantic nurses, and an overall sense of urgency all make the ER an unpleasant experience even for an adult. So to make your child’s experience easier, choose orthopedic treatment that won’t cause them unnecessary stress. Walk-in orthopedic care will allow your child’s injury to be treated in a calm, family-friendly, and professional setting. Kids deserve to know what is going on with their injuries just as much as adults do, and you can be assured that when you bring your child to an IBJI OrthoAccess clinic, their entire experience with us will be as calm and kid-friendly as possible.

Diagnostic Technology That’s Cost-Efficient

A trip to the ER, no matter what it’s for, can be incredibly costly. When you need orthopedic care that won’t break the bank, a walk-in clinic like IBJI’s OrthoAccess is clearly the superior choice. A visit with us can cost up to 80% less than a visit to the ER, so you’ll know that you’re receiving treatment that is both comprehensive and cost-effective. Our certified orthopedic specialists are experienced in treating all manner of orthopedic injuries, and are supported by advanced diagnostic technology to assure you that your diagnosis and treatment are as quick and accurate as possible.

Walk-In Orthopedic Care in Illinois

When an orthopedic injury catches you off guard, and you need quick treatment that’s both comprehensive and cost-effective, OrthoAccess from Illinois Bone and Joint Institute is the answer for you. Our clinics, with 7 locations throughout Illinois, will provide you with fast and affordable treatment tailored directly to you and your needs. You’ll receive great care from our IBJI orthopedic specialists, and have onsite access to advanced diagnostic technology and servicesContact us today to learn more about OrthoAccess, and to get on track to moving better and living better with IBJI.

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