Hip Fracture Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery

A hip fracture is a serious injury that can affect an individual’s life in a variety of ways. When a hip is broken, the fracture typically occurs near where the thighbone fits into the hip joint. This can be caused by a variety of reasons and can present with several telling symptoms. Treatment of a hip fracture is a long process that includes several intricate steps. For many, fracturing a hip can mean a significant change in lifestyle moving forward.

Most hip fractures are caused by falls. This type of injury is much more common in older adults due to the fact that bones lose some natural strength as they age. A fall to a senior is more likely to cause injury and much more likely to cause a fracture than a health younger adult. It is possible for a younger individual to break his or her hip, but the force of impact would generally have to be greater.

A fractured hip will present will several symptoms that indicate this type of injury has occurred including:

  • Severe pain will occur in the hip or lower groin area
  • Unable to bear weight on the corresponding leg
  • Shortened leg.
  • Difficulty walking

Though rare, if a hip is broken without a fall occurring, it is possible that an individual will experience thigh or knee pain but still be able to walk.

A fractured hip, usually requires surgery to help regain mobility. Typically, this procedure involves pinning the hip bone in place while it heals. In severe cases, a hip replacement surgery might be required to fully restore mobility. After surgery, a patient will begin physical therapy to help restore strength, flexibility and range of motion. This will also help prevent complications such as blood clots, pneumonia, and bed sores due to immobility. With persistence and proper care, it is possible to make a full recovery from a hip fracture.

Orthopedic Surgery at IBJI

A hip fracture is a serious injury that is mostly treated with surgery. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, see a physician as soon as possible. IBJI surgeons have performed thousands of orthopedic surgeries and can help make a full recovery.

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