If you suffer from or know someone who suffers from arthritis pain, you know just how challenging it can be to get through your daily routine. While there is not a permanent solution for arthritis, there are treatments available to help manage the pain and its progression.

Part of why arthritis is so challenging is our natural response to pain to reduce the use of the body part that is causing a problem. Unfortunately, when arthritis patients do this, the stiffness and pain only gets worse, creating a perpetually worsening condition.

Physical Therapy Aids in Arthritis Treatment

Physical therapy can significantly aid in the treatment and pain management of arthritis. The goal of physical therapy is to maintain and increase the range of motion in the treated joints. What this means for an arthritis patient is those stiff joints becoming a little less stiff, and learning how to work through the stiffness to increase mobility and decrease pain.

Arthritic physical therapy patients typically learn how to use 3 primary methods to help treat those stiff joints. First is going to be appropriate rest, specifically in bed. By leveling out the body, you prevent blood from rushing to a lower appendage and can reduce swelling and stiffness. Next, thermal treatment is a great way to help treat painful joints. Applying appropriate cold or heat treatment can help relieve muscle spasms and can reduce inflammation.

The third and critical step approached by physical therapists is exercise. This is not running a marathon every day. Rather, it is the intentional working of your joints to help maintain muscle strength and range of motion of your joints. Be sure to pay careful attention to your prescribed plan, as going either more or less can cause an increase in arthritic pain.

Blending Prescriptive Pain Management and Physical Therapy

Sometimes the pain has gotten so bad that arthritis patients need to use a more blended approach. This works exceptionally well when the pain management physician and physical therapist work in concert. At IBJI we use just this approach, looking for the best course of treatment for each individual patient to help maintain a vibrant lifestyle.

Take the first step by contacting Chicago’s best Arthritis Pain Relief team and see how to gain back your freedom from pain.

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