I would like to recognize the excellent treatment I received by Tessa Walsh, a physical therapist at the Chicago Millennium Park Physical & Occupational Therapy location. I am recovering from a surgery in which large amount of scar tissue was removed from my right knee, which developed following a partial knee reconstruction surgery in February 2019. This, of course, required additional physical therapy.

Due to my work schedule, I needed a certain time slot, which unfortunately did not match with Tessa’s availability throughout the course of my treatment. Nevertheless, she has treated me now several times because my primary therapist is at a different location on certain days. Tessa has such an acute eye for detail when I am performing my different straightening and bending exercises, which, in turn, enable her to correct even the most minor error in how I am performing these exercises. It makes such a difference, which was not pointed out to me before when I was not treating with Tessa. It’s her attention to detail and ability to explain why these subtle details matter, in a way which I can understand, which makes her stand out to me. Her demeanor during treating also should be commended. She’s very friendly and engaging (even at 8 a.m.), which makes the time more enjoyable (as no one likes doing these exercise for an hour).

Please recognize Tessa for being a great physical therapist.

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