Last March, my mother saw Dr. Mikhael for fractures in the C1 and C2 regions. She was told she needed surgery. Of course, being 89 years old, both she and everyone in our family were very apprehensive. Dr. Mikhael assured us he wouldn't do the surgery unless her other doctors cleared her for this procedure. My mom has a heart condition and COPD, and of course, her age.

Upon being given clearance, the surgery was scheduled. Dr. Mikhael was efficient about every detail; including having a Cardiologist in the operating room during the surgery. Dr.Mikhael was wonderful. During post-surgery visits he has been pleased with my mother's recovery, and has been most helpful in quieting my mom's anxieties.

I just know that you often get complaints; but not in this case. Dr. Mikhael is not only highly skilled as a surgeon, but he is very easy to communicate with; two traits that usually don't accompany one another in a surgeon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing this type of surgeon. Mark Mikhael was a pleasure to work with under dire circumstances.

Lynn Stollberg

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