Over the years, Stanley has experienced a variety of health concerns. He came to IBJI’s Dr. Douglas Solway for a second opinion on his venous ulcerations, both legs which would not heal. Keep reading to learn more about Stanley’s venous ulcerations and diabetic foot salvage and amputation. Learn more about foot care at IBJI.

Stanley's Foot Journey

Almost 50 years ago, Stanley severely burned his left leg causing third and fourth degree burns. As the years went by, Stanley had developed more health issues, including adult onset diabetes which resulted in chronic wounds in his legs. He needed a trustworthy podiatrist to help him through this.

Stanley had seen a couple different doctors before meeting Dr. Solway. “The previous doctor I saw used Chelation Therapy. This had me sitting in their office for six to eight hours receiving treatment. This treatment didn’t do any good for me

Hand holding foot in pain
IBJI patient Stanley received care for his foot salvage and amputation.

and my legs were not getting better. The physician I was seeing recommended below the knee amputations of both legs. That’s when I knew I needed a second opinion.”

“Seeing Dr. Solway saved my legs from amputation. Dr. Solway set up a weekly treatment program for me and within six weeks, my legs were fully healed.”

Stanley found Dr. Solway and hasn’t looked back. “He did a lot more for my legs in a few months compared to what other doctors did for a few years. This made a big change in the way I felt about my care compared to previous doctors. I felt comfortable and confident with Dr. Solway. He knows what he’s doing. From that day on if I had any new issues with my legs, I would see Dr. Solway and I would always get better.”

Diabetic Foot Infection and Gangrene

In 2018, Stanley had an acute change in his left foot. Blisters and open sores developed on his forefoot. Stanley contacted Sharon, Dr. Solway’s assistant who got him in for an appointment that day.

“Dr. Solway diagnosed me with early gangrene. He contacted my physician that day and had me admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. The next day Dr. Solway performed a local ray-resection of my left foot with partial closure and wound vac therapy. This shortened my stay in the hospital and I was able to go home in a couple days with home nursing. Dr. Solway saw me weekly until the wound on my foot fully healed. He then sent me for a special shoe with an insert so I was able to walk with just a cane. Dr. Solway told me he used a multi-team approach to healing but mostly the technology of wound vacuum devices and other treatments sped up the healing time, saving me from a below the knee amputation.”

Deja Vu

In late 2020, Stanley noticed that his right foot started to have similar changes to his left foot. A new concern of his was COVID-19 and what he would do if he needed surgery. He went to see Dr. Solway and his fears were put to rest. Yes, it was gangrene again on his right big toe. Dr. Solway stated that he would need the same surgery that he had on his left foot back in 2018.

“Dr. Solway put my mind at ease stating he had already been doing outpatient surgery at Lutheran General hospital and it would be done with every precaution to prevent Stanley from contracting COVID-19.”

Once again he was admitted to the hospital, had his surgery and was discharged only after a few days, this time to a rehab facility. He is now home and coming in weekly to see Dr. Solway for wound care and is almost 100% healed.

Healing After Toe Amputation

After both amputations in 2018 and 2020, Stanley says he is walking normally. “Both times healed fast and with no pain. I wear special shoes that fill in the spots that are missing toes. Working with Dr. Solway has been a great experience. Now that I found him, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Dr. Solway’s helped with so much over the years. With my health condition, things tend to happen very quickly, when there’s an emergency [Dr. Solway] has me come in right away. He is a top surgeon.”

Improved Quality of Life

“Going into surgeries like this, you always get nervous and wonder if you’re going to come out okay. This last time I had no question that I would be okay with Dr. Solway. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s always done a great job. I’ve been a customer of his for a while now and I would not stop coming back. He made a big difference in my life. I also appreciate that he talks to my primary care physician and keeps them up to date. That's a big thing to me, sometimes the doctors don’t talk and no one knows what's going on but he makes sure to communicate where needed.”

Prior to Dr. Solway, Stanley says that the doctors he saw weren’t doing enough or using unorthodox methods. “When you have a doctor like Dr. Solway, you don't want to lose him.”

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