When hip arthritis started to cause him discomfort and made it difficult to get around, Ted knew he needed to do something about it. Wanting to find solutions that could bring him hip pain relief, Ted looked into having anterior hip replacement surgery.

In his own words, Ted tells the story of his treatment journey and shares what his life is like today in the following blog post. Read on to learn about his care from IBJI and find out how he’s doing today.

A patient consults with a hip surgeon to determine if anterior hip replacement surgery is right for him
A patient consults with a hip surgeon to determine if anterior hip replacement surgery is right for him.

Hip Pain Diagnosis

“I am an older male, and I carry a fair amount of weight. I have a sedentary occupation that involves sitting for long periods.”

“About seven years ago, I developed hip arthritis, which required me to start using forearm crutches just to get around.”

“I was diagnosed as needing a complete hip joint replacement for my left hip, with another hip replacement operation recommended for my right hip soon.”

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Method

“In researching the method used for hip replacement operations at that time, I learned that it involved incisions to the large muscle groups, a post-op recovery of several days, and an extensive rehabilitation time after that, with good mobility possible after an extended period.”

“Additionally, I have rather dense bones, which makes any work on them (dental, oral surgery) rather protracted and difficult.”

Consultation and Qualifying for Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

“When I met with Dr. Jimenez for the initial consultation and examination, he had no hesitation in accepting my situation, letting me know that I qualified for anterior hip replacement surgery, and presenting me with hope for a good outcome of the surgery.”

“Dr. Jimenez operated on my left hip in December 2013. My bulk and bone density presented a challenge which the doctor was able to meet.”

“Within 12 hours, I was up and walking around, and I accomplished my rehabilitation very quickly with the excellent range-of-motion that I enjoyed at that point.”

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

“In December 2017, Dr. Jimenez completed a full hip replacement on my right hip using the anterior method again.”

“The result was the same quick hip replacement recovery, very effective rehabilitation, and excellent range of motion. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Jimenez as an outstanding hip surgeon.”

“Thank you, doctor. I know my case was a challenge, and I’m thrilled that you were willing to take me on—twice.”

Get Relief From Your Hip Pain Today

Hip Care and Treatment at IBJI

Whether you are just starting your hip care journey or need a second opinion for your hip pain, IBJI’s hip surgeons are here to help provide you with the necessary care for your ailment. Get the relief you are seeking with the help of IBJI.

Schedule online with an IBJI hip surgeon to discuss treatment options like arthroscopic hip surgery and create an individualized approach to your care.

Check out IBJI’s additional online resources for hip care to learn more about conditions and read patient testimonials.

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