I came to IBJI for physical therapy for knee pain. One of my physical therapists discovered that the pain in my knees was actually from my hips and recommended my doctor get X-rays. I was seeing an orthopedic doctor outside of IBJI. He diagnosed me with severe bilateral hip arthritis. Because I am overweight, he wanted me to lose weight before he would proceed with total hip replacement. My therapist enrolled me in the OrthoHealth program. Through the program, I was teamed up with health coach Donna Taylor, dietitian Arlene Temer-Wittcoff, and personal trainer Carly Munson, along with my two therapists.

I found everyone involved in the program to be very supportive, including receptionists and schedulers. Donna helped me find ways to deal with my frustration and pain, Arlene reviewed and reinforced good food choices, and Carly taught me exercises for both increasing my metabolism and strength training. Carly was very sensitive to my mobility restrictions and tailored the program to my changing needs. Through the program I lost weight and inches off of my hips that has led me to have a total hip replacement at IBJI. I am truly impressed with the program and grateful that I was able to participate. Friends and coworkers have noticed my weight loss. I tell them that I owe the credit to the motivation and support I received from the OrthoHealth program. I hope the program continues so that other patients with joint issues can benefit from this well organized and innovative approach.

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Editor's note: This story was lightly edited for content and clarity.

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