Daniel experienced arthritis and shoulder pain for years. He got to the point that he couldn’t handle the pain any longer and came in to see IBJI’s Dr. Djuro Petkovic. Keep reading to learn more about Daniel’s bilateral reverse shoulder arthroplasty and the care he received with Dr. Petkovic. Learn more about shoulder care at IBJI.

Suffering Through Shoulder Pain and Arthritis

In June 2020, Daniel saw another orthopedic surgeon for his shoulders. This doctor was booked for surgery and Daniel ultimately decided to find a more qualified doctor for his care. Daniel then saw Dr. Petkovic for his shoulder pain.

He had experienced pain in both shoulders after years of working and lifting. Daniel fought through work and was taking pain medication to get him through the day. The pain worsened and became unbearable to the point where he could not lift a gallon of milk.

Upon researching Dr. Petkovic, Daniel noticed that he had numerous positive patient reviews and outstanding credentials to get the job done.

Seeking Shoulder Care from IBJI

Shoulder Pain
Man grabbing his shoulder in pain.

At his first appointment, Dr. Petkovic ran a CT scan and examined Daniel’s muscle strength. Daniel had rotator cuff tears and arthritis in both shoulders. Dr. Petkovic scheduled bilateral reverse shoulder arthroplasty for both shoulders. The right shoulder was done in July 2020 and the left shoulder in December 2020.

“I was very impressed by Dr. Petkovic. He is sharp and was spot on with the diagnosis. His surgical talents and bedside manner were top notch. I have edema so I had to keep going and getting fluid drained out of my shoulders after surgery and Dr. Petkovic was on top of everything. I felt very comfortable with him and the way he treated me. He always had a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude.”

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Physical Therapy afterBilateral Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

After the first shoulder surgery, Daniel did physical therapy at IBJI’s Palatine Physical Therapy location. “I always push myself to do things and to exercise. When I did physical therapy after my first shoulder surgery, I made a similar tool they had there so that I could do the same exercise at home. My physical therapists were surprised by how quickly I was recovering and told me I was ahead of the curve.”

After his left shoulder surgery, Daniel did all his physical therapy and exercises at home. “I continued to do my exercises at home and Dr. Petkovic made sure I was keeping up with them. I knew what I was doing after the first surgery and had the physical therapists print off an exercise sheet for me to follow. I continued to ice it and take my pain medication.”

When Daniel went in for his follow up appointments, he said that Dr. Petkovic was always impressed with his progress. “I have another follow up appointment to review my progress. Every X-ray and exam thus far has been good. I have really been impressed by my experience with Dr. Petkovic. He is kind-hearted and talented.”

Praise for Shoulder Surgery and Care

Daniel has had past surgeries at Lutheran General Hospital and was happy to hear that his shoulder surgeries would be performed there as well. “When I heard that Dr. Petkovic would be doing my shoulder surgeries out of the same hospital, I immediately felt comforted. His nurse Lydia is wonderful too. He and his nurse always followed up with me to see how I was doing and made sure to answer my questions. Any time I've called, they call right back and make sure I’m okay and answer my questions.”

“It will still take me some time to heal as my body is recovering from the surgeries and my muscles and nerves are working to become stronger but I have been very impressed by my experience with Dr. Petkovic. His surgical experience and knowledge with pain management has been incredible. He’s even taken extra steps during my surgery to make sure I got the surgical tape that I wasn’t allergic to. Additionally, he sent me a ‘good wishes’ card afterward - those extra steps have meant a lot as a patient. He’s a talented man and just a great doctor. If anyone I know has shoulder problems, I will refer them to Dr. Petkovic.”

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