In 2012, Robbi, a senior citizen, was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease throughout the lumbar spine. She also has spinal stenosis.

“I could not even walk,” the Northbrook resident explains, describing her back pain.

Treatment for Back Pain

Robbi underwent several X-rays, an MRI, and was administered shots in her lower back, which would reduce her back pain for a while. But the pain kept coming back. She tried massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more.

“I really ran through the whole gamut and I have a high pain tolerance, so if I say I’m in pain, I’m in pain,” Robbi says.

IBJI Pain Management Physician Helps with Back Pain

After several years of seeing different pain and spine doctors and receiving epidural shots for her back pain, Robbi decided to schedule online with IBJI Pain Management Physician Brooke Vanderby, MD when a neighbor had recommended her. “Dr. Vanderby just knows what to do and how to do it,” Robbi says. “She gave me a shot and it worked. Bingo, I was fine. It was like a miracle.”

Relief from Back Pain

Robbi has been seeing Dr. Vanderby since 2019, visiting her at the IBJI Glenview Pain Management Offices.

She has been able to get rid of her cane and has returned to an active lifestyle.

“Now I can do everything — gardening, walking — I don’t have a problem,” Robbi says.

For patients like Robbi who are not candidates for surgery but still have back pain, effective treatment to get back to mobility and comfort can be life-changing.

“Some people have a little bit of pain and some people have a lot,” Robbi says. “About a month ago, all of a sudden I had pain going down my leg, but when I went back to Dr. Vanderby and she gave me another shot, it worked. She is an anesthesiologist and knows what to do. I’ve given her name to so many people and she has helped them.”

Experiencing Back Pain?

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