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IBJI Stands by Chicago Red Stars Through Their First Championship Game and Wishes Sam Kerr Luck

As the official medical partner of the Chicago Red Stars for the last five seasons, IBJI has become more than just a supporter–we have developed a very close and integrated relationship with the team. “With every win and loss the Red Stars encounter, IBJI is there by their side through the highs and lows,” stated Matt Repa, IBJI Sports Medicine Business Development. “But this year was really something special, the teamwork and energy they’ve shown throughout the finals is a testament to the high level of commitment and dedication these athletes have.” 

Megan Blackburn, ATC on the sidelines with the Chicago Red Stars.

Just as winning teams are developed over the course of many seasons, in 2019, IBJI expanded the care services offered to the Red Stars to strengthen and promote a playoff-ready lineup. Our goal, throughout the season, was to support the team in all areas and be a comprehensive sports medicine provider. The strength of IBJI lies in the “total package,” which is a group of seven, led by medical director Roger Chams, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon; primary care sports medicine physician Angelo Savino, MD; physician assistant Molly Uyenishi, PA-C, MSMS; sports neurologist Anthony Savino, MD; head physical therapist Bria Wanzung, PT, DPT, ATC; high performance director Megan Young, PhDc, CSCS, USA-SPC, and head athletic trainer Megan Blackburn, ATC.

Dr. Angelo Savino and Molly Uyenishi, PA-C, MSMS, ready to assist Chicago Red Stars players.

High performance director Megan Young, PhDc, CSCS, USA-SP, joined the group this year to contribute her expertise in strength and conditioning. “In my first year with the club, it was a privilege to provide data-driven context around training and match demand for the coaching staff and individual athletes. Working on the performance side with some of the most elite footballers in the world; to assist and support them in physical training and development was a joy. These players, staff and club have a passion for the game and bringing home championships,” Young said in regards to working with the Red Stars.

BRIDGEVIEW, IL – OCTOBER 20: The Chicago Red Stars celebrate a goal by Sam Kerr #20 of the Chicago Red Stars during a game between Portland Thorns FC and Chicago Red Stars at SeatGeek Stadium on October 20, 2019 in Bridgeview, Illinois.

Medical director Roger Chams, MD, said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to take care of such incredible, dedicated athletes and phenomenal women role models. [The team] definitely put up a great fight! I am proud of everyone.”

CRS Medical Director Dr. Roger Chams and all of IBJI wish Sam Kerr the best of luck in her next journey!

Integrative care and collaborative partnerships are important for any team to be successful. In IBJI’s position, we have collaborative care, top to bottom. The players don’t have to go out to different resources for everything–they have it all in-house. That allows the athlete to feel secure in communication and the collaboration of care.

General Manager of IBJI’s Health Performance Institute, Cory Leman, MS, CSCS, states, “We’ve worked diligently to develop a model that not only improves athlete performance but also strives to reduce and treat injuries with cutting edge science. We take pride in helping to produce not only powerful athletes, but athletes that are marked by longevity and health.”

We look forward to assisting in the health and training for the Chicago Red Stars, so that they can come back even stronger next season! IBJI also thanks Sam Kerr for her contributions to the team. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!