Video Gait Analysis

Whether you are looking to set a new personal record in racing or simply getting  started with a running program, IBJI Rehabilitation has Video Gait Analysis professionals to assist you in optimizing your running form to prevent injuries  while you prepare your body for the thrill of running.  In addition to the expertise of a highly trained physical therapist, IBJI also uses video analysis to make assessments of your running style. 

The analysis allows our therapists to breakdown your running form and highlight your preferred patterns of movement that you rely on that determine your lower extremity biomechanics during running. The physical therapist will utilize the video analysis to prescribe exercise programs for strengthening and stretching; facilitate proper running mechanics; assist with proper shoe selection; and instruct in cadence training to improve running efficiency and reduce risk of injury.

Value of Video Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis may also be utilized for assessing the way you walk to determine if you are exhibiting abnormal biomechanics.  This its very beneficial if you have a history of foot/knee/hip and/or low back pain.   Abnormal loading patterns through the lower extremity may cause unwanted stress/strain across the joints and soft tissues of the Lower extremity.  A physical therapist will videotape your gait pattern and determine if you would benefit from orthotics or change in shoe style  to improve your lower extremity biomechanics. 

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Video Gait Analysis is offered at the below IBJI Physical Therapy locations.   Please contact your preferred location for additional details.

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