Video Gait Analysis

Whether you are looking to set a new personal record in racing or simply getting started with a jogging program, IBJI’s physical therapy team can help. We are experts in helping athletes of all abilities prevent injuries with video gait analysis and running assessment of their foot strike, stride, alignment, and more.

Our sports medicine physical therapists breakdown your form using cutting-edge video gait analysis to:

  • Prescribe exercise programs for strengthening and stretching
  • Facilitate proper running mechanics
  • Assist with proper shoe selection
  • Instruct in cadence training to improve running efficiency

Video Gait Analysis Benefits

We’ll also use the results of your video gait analysis to analyze the way you walk and check if you exhibit any abnormal lower extremity biomechanics. This additional assessment is very beneficial if you have a history of foot, knee, hip, or lower back pain.

Abnormal loading patterns through the lower extremity may cause unwanted stress and strain across the joints and soft tissues of the lower extremity.

Your sports medicine physical therapist will use video gait analysis to figure out if you would benefit from orthotics or a change in shoe style to improve your lower extremity biomechanics.

  • Video Gait Analysis Appointments

    Schedule online to set up a video gait analysis and running assessment with one of IBJI’s sports medicine physical therapists.

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