Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed or hurt your back or neck from heavy lifting? That’s what the IBJI Back to Life clinic is for! 

IBJI's Back to Life service is specially designed for those who experience (but not limited to) a slipped disc, crick in the neck, muscle or ligament strain, tear or spasm, stiffness and/or temporary limited mobility accompanied by acute pain.

Providing hands-on care for immediate relief, Back to Life aims to alleviate your acute neck and back pain. For individuals with acute pain, Back to Life is more than a simple adjustment. This service changes the way you traditionally seek relief from neck and back pain. It is a more efficient and viable alternative to the chiropractor and ER. Through Back to Life, there is no pressure to schedule multiple appointments, instead you’ll work on a customized treatment plan that you design with the provider.

IBJI’s Mark Mikhael, MD, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgical treatment of spine disorders, says, “This service provides patients with immediate and comprehensive access for treatment of their neck and back issues. Not only will they be assessed by a physician for medical treatment, but they will also be directed to a physical therapist to provide manual therapy and instruction on proper management of their condition. Our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and pain specialists are also available for complete care of all interventional needs.”

At a traditional chiropractic appointment, the chiropractor will make the adjustment and you will be on your way. Whereas at IBJI’s Back to Life clinic, our team of spine physicians, pain management specialists and physical therapists will treat you and teach you at home exercises that you can do so that you don’t have to come back.

IBJI Physical therapist Adria Castronovo PT, MS, explains the physical therapists role in Back to Life, “The physical therapist is trained in hands-on manual interventions as well as therapeutic exercises to address your injury. The benefit of early intervention for acute injuries is key in getting patients back to functioning quickly as well as to strengthen and educate in order to prevent re-injury.” 

Castronovo continues, “In the evaluation, the physical therapist will assess your spine mobility, pain, gait mechanics and treat immediately to restore your mobility and most importantly, begin the healing process. Physical therapy sessions not only include manual interventions and joint manipulations to restore spinal movements and gait mechanics, they take your care further by educating you about your injury. The physical therapist will teach you how to perform an individualized exercise program that will complement and reinforce the movement patterns you have been avoiding due to pain and restricted joint mobility. The ultimate goal is to teach proper postures and muscle activation patterns to keep injuries at bay. Physical therapists are truly movement experts and will work with you as you improve to get you back to your life.”

Our team of spine physicians, pain management specialists and physical therapists will get you “back to life” with a full array of advanced, non-surgical treatment options. From diagnosis to treatment, we offer immediate, high quality, comprehensive treatment for every neck and back condition.

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