After living with discomfort for over 20 years, Jean B. finally got her active life back after IBJI’s Dr. Peter Thadani performed an anterior approach hip replacement.

In 2017, Jean’s pain had become so severe she had given up many activities she used to enjoy, including traveling with her family and taking long daily walks with her husband.

Keep reading to learn what finally made Jean decide to get treatment and how she’s doing now, after getting an anterior approach hip replacement at IBJI.


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Choosing Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Jean continued to be plagued by painful hips that disrupted her daily life.

“Climbing the stairs to our bedroom had become a slow and dreaded process, inactivity had caused weight gain, and my condition was affecting our family’s travel choices. I knew it was time to consider hip replacement.”

Jean chose to schedule online with Dr. Thadani, an anterior approach hip replacement surgery expert. She had heard this method results in a shorter hospital stay and swifter recovery.

“Dr. Thadani is one of the kindest, most patient, and most empathetic physicians I have ever known,” Jean says.

“He made me feel comfortable and relaxed while discussing my problem, and he never appeared to be in a hurry to get to the next patient during any of my visits. From the first exam to the last follow-up appointment, Dr. Thadani’s two physician’s assistants, Brittany and Kimberly, were also very considerate and caring.”

Several days before her anterior approach hip replacement surgery, Jean attended one of Dr. Thadani’s pre-op information classes.

“A medical team member showed a detailed slide presentation and passed around 3D models of joints while explaining the surgical process and the post-op care that I would receive. I was also given a chance to ask any other questions that I had pre-surgery.”

Recovery and Life After Surgery

Dr. Thadani discussed with Jean the importance of physical therapy after hip replacement to make a full recovery. “I chose to have my therapy at Illinois Bone & Joint’s physical therapy clinic, located next door to Dr. Thadani’s office in Libertyville. My therapist, Wendy, was highly skilled, patient, and clear in her instruction, and she was very eager to help me achieve full hip replacement recovery.”

“Just over eight months after anterior approach hip replacement surgery, I was with my family in Croatia climbing the steep stairs of beautiful hill towns. I was enjoying once again the joy of mobility and the memory-making experiences that my surgery made possible again—with no pain at all in my new hip!” adds Jean.

“Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Thadani and his top-notch team!”

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Last updated in March 2022.

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