Physical therapy after hip replacement surgery helped Lotti recover faster with exercises she could easily do at home after having her left hip replaced by IBJI’s Dr. Sean Sutphen.

Lotti had her right hip replaced by another doctor about 30 years ago, so she felt she knew what to expect going in. But Lotti was excited to see the new changes to technology and the quality of care provided by IBJI that she hadn’t experienced before.

Read on to hear Lotti’s story about how this time around was different and how her physical therapy after hip replacement made all the difference for a safe, speedy recovery.

Hip Pain Appointment

Leading up to her hip replacement surgery, Lotti visited Dr. Sutphen, where they discussed surgery as the next step. “I had two meetings with him regarding my hip pain before surgery. He took an X-ray and explained what was happening in my hip. Dr. Sutphen informed me that my hip pain from arthritis would only get worse, and the next step would be a hip replacement surgery.”

Lotti picked a surgery date, thinking she could always cancel it because, at the time, she didn’t want surgery. Unfortunately, the pain got worse—just as Dr. Sutphen predicted it would—and she knew immediately it was the right time for surgery.

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Attention to Detail

Woman with hip pain
Woman grabbing right hip in pain

Lotti says the patient experience with Dr. Sutphen and his team was like nothing she had experienced before.

“The day before the surgery, he called me and reassured me that I was in good hands. I’ve never experienced that. He is so empathetic toward his patients. I’m very appreciative of the extra steps he takes. The day of my surgery, he called my husband to keep him informed as well.”

Dr. Sutphen gave Lotti both pre-op and post-op information that he wrote himself, which entailed what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. She says the information was written very well and easy for patients to understand.

Hip Replacement Comparisons

Lotti recalls her right hip replacement recovery taking longer than the one performed by Dr. Sutphen. She also noticed the difference in how her new hip surgeon treated her.

“The first time around, the physician lacked bedside manner and had a different approach to explaining everything. For my recent replacement, Dr. Sutphen was so optimistic and empathetic. He took his time with me and explained everything to make me feel heard. He was more relaxed and understanding. You never think he’s in a hurry to get you in and out.”

Lotti also added, “I had some concern, hesitation, and fear going into surgery. Dr. Sutphen made it all that much easier. He makes you feel good about everything. I am very appreciative of my experience. His nurse and staff were exceptional as well. He leads in a way that his staff follows by example, which makes the whole environment amazing.”

Physical Therapy After Hip Replacement

Lotti felt positivity from every IBJI staff member she interacted with. “Even the physical therapist that came to the house was full of good spirits. The friendliness continued even when I went into the Wilmette Physical & Occupational Therapy Clinic. During my physical therapy after hip replacement, the team always explained what exercise they were doing and why (and how) I could do it at home. I continue to do my exercises every morning at home.”

Lotti says the whole experience with IBJI was positive, from her initial consultation to her physical therapy after hip replacement.

“I have over-the-top praise for Dr. Sutphen and his staff. He is so friendly, competent, empathetic, and kind. I used to be a skier, but what I love now is walking. If I couldn’t walk around the neighborhood and along trails anymore, my quality of life wouldn’t be good”.

“With his help, I’m almost back to completely normal two months after surgery. I feel so well in a short amount of time. Nothing hurts anymore, and I can walk fairly quickly up and down the stairs.”

“Not only was the medical procedure and recovery top-notch, but so were the people involved. I had the best care one could have from the beginning to the end. Dr. Sutphen provides extraordinary care and develops a good relationship with his patients.”

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Last updated in March 2022.

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