If you’ve ever experienced back pain or pain that radiates down your leg that originates from your back, it can literally take your breath away. That was the case for Bill, an active 66-year-old who hadn’t felt this type of acute pain before. Bill is active and enjoys riding a stationary bike and walking regularly.

During a visit with his daughter and granddaughter, Bill began to feel horrific pain down his inner thigh and on the outside and inside of his leg. He had visited IBJI doctors in the past, so he called and asked to be seen. He was told about OrthoAccess, a safe alternative to the emergency room staffed by IBJI orthopedic specialists who can quickly diagnose and treat minor injuries.

Bill didn’t recall an injury leading up to the pain he experienced. He only recalls that his pain required immediate attention.

“I drove over there in agonizing pain,” Bill says. “The pain was throbbing and driving in the car was horrible.”

Immediate Care for Back Pain

When Bill arrived, he was seen by Mehul Garala, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician fellowship-trained in spine and sports medicine. “His initial presentation was consistent with a pinched nerve from the low back,” Dr. Garala explained. “With that first visit, I recommended that he start with conservative treatment with medications and physical therapy.” 

Steroid Injections for Back Pain

Bill saw Dr. Garala several times after the initial OrthoAccess visit. Even though Bill was improving, he required various spinal injections to help with his continued discomfort. “From the first day we met, he was extremely calming, thorough and caring,” Bill said. “I have had a few rounds of injections, and each time this has taken place, it has helped me. His team is top-notch, and the thoroughness of the examinations were great. Dr. Garala answered every one of my questions.  He is respectful, and he didn’t rush me. I highly endorse him.”

Comprehensive Treatment for Back Pain

Dr. Garala says it’s not unusual for patients to develop back pain as they age. It is one of the most common issues for which patients seek medical attention. “Obtaining a good history, and correlating it with a physical exam and any potential imaging studies are important in determining an appropriate and individualized treatment plan.”

In Bill’s case, physical therapy has been a helpful treatment. He has been going to the IBJI Physical Therapy in Bannockburn once a week. “I also do exercises at home,” he says. “I’m an exercise nut, but I’m not overdoing things.

Bill regularly exercises on his
stationary bike at home.

Bill has been happy with the physical therapy team and everyone else involved with his orthopedic care. “From Dr. Garala down to the lady at the front desk, everyone was extremely cordial and caring.”

Save Time with OrthoAccess

Bill was glad he visited OrthoAccess. “My experience was great,” he said. “I didn’t wait long and the staff was excellent.”

It was fortunate that on the day that Bill visited OrthoAccess, Dr. Garala was the physician working that day. “His issue is unique to my skill set,” Dr. Garala explained. “There was continuity of care as I was able to follow Bill from the initial visit to the completion of his treatment.”

Help for Your Back Pain

If you would like to be evaluated, you can schedule online with an IBJI physician who can help you with a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back to feeling your best.

*OrthoAccess is staffed by orthopedic providers on a rotating basis. You may or may not be treated by the orthopedic specialist that matches your injury/condition, but you will receive the appropriate care you need, and may be referred for follow-up care if necessary. See all of our OrthoAccess locations.

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