Brigitte’s left hip pain began a year and a half ago. She was able to manage it a little bit by getting injections. The injections helped with the pain and she felt good enough to take a planned trip to England with family. Since then, the pain became more noticeable. Keep reading to learn more about the route Brigitte took to relieve her pain and her hip replacement recovery time.

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Hip Pain Worsens

Woman in need of hip replacement surgery
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Brigitte recalls the pain getting worse in July 2020. “My husband and I live in a condo and going up and down the stairs was causing pain and making it worse. So, we moved from the second floor to the first floor to avoid the pain it caused.”

Her pain left her dependent on her husband and she was avoiding the things she once was able to do with ease. “The pain in my left hip got so bad that I couldn’t lift my left foot. My husband had to help with putting on my socks and shoes for the last year. My hip hurt so much especially when getting in and out of the car and even standing up after sitting.”

One day in January 2021, Brigitte finally decided enough was enough. The pain was too much to bear any longer, so she sought help.

Appointment with IBJI Hip Doctor

She searched for a new hip doctor and found IBJI’s Dr. Sean Sutphen. Dr. Sutphen is a board-certified fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in rapid recovery, minimally invasive hip and knee replacement. He has a particular expertise in robotic and computer-assisted joint replacement.

Right off the bat at their first appointment, Brigitte knew she made the right choice. “I was very pleased with the things I read about him online. His qualifications and reviews made me confident in his ability to help me. After meeting him, I felt he was very personable and had a good feeling about my care. Dr. Sutphen is very friendly and encouraging. He told me he could help me.”

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Brigitte’s only option for her hip pain was to have a total hip replacement. She selected a date in February 2021 and proceeded with a minimally invasive anterior total hip replacement

“I wasn’t nervous for surgery because Dr. Sutphen was so reassuring and has a calming effect. I trusted him and he took care of me. During the surgery he made sure to even out the length on the replacement so there was no height difference in my legs. He even called me the night before surgery to reassure me and came to visit me in the hospital afterward. He spoke with my husband as well to make sure he knew what was going on through the whole process.”

Physical Therapy and Hip Replacement Recovery Time

Brigitte is recovering and working with IBJI physical therapists Amanda and Alyssa at the Bannockburn Physical Therapy clinic. “I was a little nervous for physical therapy but Amanda and Alyssa are great. They are so patient while taking me through the exercises. I have been so pleased with everyone at IBJI”

Two weeks after surgery, Brigitte had already made amazing progress. She no longer needs to use the walker and occasionally uses a cane for assistance. “Dr. Sutphen was impressed with my recovery from surgery at my age. He was so proud that he took a video of me walking up and down the hallway to track my progress.”

Brigitte is happy with the care she received at IBJI with Dr. Sutphen and the physical therapy team “It was a nice surprise to be able to get up on my feet without hip pain. I would recommend him to others and will use him in the future for any other hip needs.”

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