Gary Shapiro, MD
Gary Shapiro, MD

Gary Shapiro, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon with Fellowship Training in Spine

Board Certifications

  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Certificate in Evaluation of Disability and Impairment Ratings
  • Peter O Newton and Shapiro GS. Congenital Deformity in Essentials in Orthopaedics: Spine, 1st edition.
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  • Becker’s Orthopaedic Spine Review Top 10 Spine Surgeons for Athletes in the United States
  • Lewis Clark Wagner Award for Resident Research (2001), Senior Research Project with FOCOS: Performed 1st THA in Ghana, Africa (2000)
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (1996)
  • Davie G. Murray Award (1996)
  • Dean’s Letter of Commendation (1996)
  • Foundation for Orthopaedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS): 2000-current
  • Chicago Bears NFL Football Team Spine Consultant: 2005-2007
  • Northwestern University Medical School: 2003-2009
  • University of Chicago Medical School: 2009-current